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Mosaic Abstract Blue Grey

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Removable Peel and Stick Wallpaper

Are you getting bored with your dull interior décor? Wish to give it a fresh new look? Bet on wallpapers. This removable peel and stick wallpaper are ideal for large format decoration that can transform the entire room décor into something enticing and attractive and make it a center of attraction of the room.

At ARC Print, you will get different patterns of peel and stick wall murals to belong to different categories such as wallpaper for bedroom walls, wallpaper for the kitchen, living room wall murals, wallpaper for children’s rooms, and so on.

Wallpaper is a timeless piece of decoration that has received immense popularity. It can play well with any interior décor. Not only this, they are versatile in nature as well. You can use removable wallpapers for your office room decoration, studio decoration, and retail store decoration purposes. They look so attractive.

Choosing a peel and stick wallpaper matching with your interior room décor can beautifully hide the flaws of the room and make it look more appealing. Our offered peel and stick wallpapers are available in bright and vibrant color options which you can change as per your requirements. You can opt for background colors as per your choice and decide the size of the picture depending on your requirements.

Wide variety of wall murals

At ARC print, you will get a wide variety of wallpapers for every room. They belong to different categories such as classic style wallpaper for bedroom walls, vintage peel and stick wallpaper for living room, contemporary design wallpaper for bedroom walls, abstract patterns wallpapers, different types of geometric shape wallpapers, exotic plants wallpapers, 3D graphics wallpapers, world map wallpapers, abstract wallpapers and so on. In today’s age, black and white wallpapers are also getting huge popularity for industrial living rooms.

Wall murals for the dining room and kitchen

We produce different types of peel and stick wall murals for the dining room and kitchen décor as well. Our kitchen wallpapers are moisture-proof and washable which means they can easily be used in the kitchen. For kitchen wall décor, mostly wallpapers of fruits, herbs, and spices are commonly used. Our kitchen murals look extremely eye catchy on the walls and cabinets. For dining room decorations, we have large format wallpapers in vibrant colors such as green, red, and orange that will enhance your appetite as well as adorn the walls of your dining space.

Wallpapers for children’s room

ARC print comes with an exclusive collection of wallpapers for children’s rooms that display unique motifs, fairy tale characters, animals, pastel graphics images, and so on. All these wallpapers are designed in such a way that they will stimulate the imagination of children and make the room attractive and cozy. In today’s age, every child wants to feel good vibes all around and that’s why creating an imaginative atmosphere is important to stimulate their brain growth. Thanks to our creative range of wall murals, each child can make their own private, imaginative, and exciting zone for themselves.

Modern wallpaper for bedroom walls

In today’s era, we all want to give a modern look to our homes with different types of contemporary stuff. Our modern wallpapers for bedroom walls give an elegant and stylish look to your bedroom and give a unique character to your interior décor. Floral design wallpapers are some of the classic pieces that will always give a refreshing look and feel. We have launched 3D photo wallpapers that can enlarge the interior décor and make it look more enticing. Our modern wallpaper designs are available in different sizes. Once you fix it up, it will blend perfectly with your interior décor.

Artistic wall murals for office décor

Brand matters a lot for a business. If you want to create an impression in the market, it is important that you give a smart look to your office. No matter whether it is an office building or a law firm, maintaining a professional look and feel inside the premises is a must and our wallpapers have been designed in such a way that they can go well along with any type of room décor. They are digitally printed wallpapers using the latest generation UV gel plotter and FLX finish technology that make them long-lasting, colorful, and attention-grabbing. If you would like to create a coherent interior décor, your search ends here at ARC print.

How to stick wallpaper on the wall?

We all know that gluing a photo wallpaper on a wall is an easy task. But before you stick it on walls, it should be prepared properly so that it doesn’t come out in the long run. The fresh wall must be primed beforehand. If the wall is covered with paint, make sure it should be clean, dry, and properly leveled with sandpaper. Our long-lasting wallpapers are suitable for sticking on doors, ceilings, wardrobes, and other furniture.

Our wall murals come with a smooth finish and are available in various shapes. For covering small walls to large walls, we have all sizes of wall paper to cater to your requirements. They are 100% odorless, environment-friendly, and crack proof they can easily hide the imperfections of the walls. The best part of these wall murals is that they are easy to clean and require no maintenance. Just clean them with a damp cloth and they will flaunt their beauty for many years.

So, if you would like to revamp the look of your bedroom, start with bedroom wall murals and create a feeling of contentment.



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