Specifications of hanging danglers:
  • Material: Thick paperback board
  • Shape: Round and square
  • Laminated finish for a glossy appearance
  • Both side printing options available
  • Comes with a string and hole to hang the danglers
₹ 21.28 / unit
  • ₹ 212.80 for 10 units

Inclusive of all taxes
  • Base Price₹190.00
  • Government Taxes₹22.80(12%)
  • Total Price₹212.80
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Free shipping on all orders

Custom danglers - convey your brand’s message to your target customers

Are you looking for innovative ways to spread your brand’s message to your customers? Choose to promote your brand through artistically designed danglers online. This is one of the most cost-effective promotional tools which you can design with beautiful templates to grab potential customers’ attention. Whether it is an announcement for any sale on special event, discount offers or launch of any product or store, custom danglers are ideal means for conveying information to walk-in customers and establish a seamless communication.

At ARC Print, our custom printed dangers are made of the finest quality thick paperback board with both side printing. Available in two shapes round and square, a glossy laminated finish is provided to the coasters to give it a unique and eye catchy look. The more you make your hanging dangler creative with designs, the more it will appeal to your audience and will get maximum brand exposure.

Hanging dangler printing available online at ARC Print

At ARC Print, we offer the most convenient online platform to design your custom hanging danglers in your way. Upload your design, image, text, company name and logo right from your device and get it digitally printed on your danglers. If you don’t have your design ready, you can choose any unique template from our pre-designed online gallery.

Choose to throw a mix of colors that highlights the color palette of your brand and make your hanging danglers stand out in the crowd. Each of our hanging danglers is meticulously crafted to showcase your products, offers and company logo with captivating visuals that grabs everyone’s attention at once. You can even use these danglers for office or store decoration purposes. On Christmas or new year like occasions, customize your hanging danglers printed with Christmas and new year logo and message and hang it around the store or office space to create a festive spirit.

Uses of custom danglers

  • Product launch: If your brand is launching any new product or service in the market, you can make this announcement by printing danglers and hang it around within your store or promotional event. The eye catchy design and product information will drive customer engagement and attention.
  • Seasonal promotions: Danglers can be used for seasonal promotional purposes as well on holidays and special events. Whether you are offering festive sales or holiday discounts, custom danglers offer the most visually appealing way to convey your message to target customers.
  • Event promotions: For promoting events like store openings, product demonstrations or exclusive sales, custom danglers are the most cost-effective tool for promotion. Hang them near cash registers, entrances or other traffic prone areas to enhance the visibility.
  • In-store signage: Guide your customers inside your store with danglers and draw their attention to a specific section by strategically placing danglers. They create a visually appealing and seamless shopping experience for the customers.
  • Brand awareness campaign with custom danglers: Enhance your brand identity by incorporating your company logo, colors and message into the design of custom danglers printing. Such types of consistent branding helps in improving brand recognition and creating loyalty.

Let your brand shine with custom danglers that not only grabs attention but also create a lasting impression. Choose ARC Print as your partner for custom office stationery and turn your promotional vision into a tangible reality.


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