Specifications of custom labels:
  • Label types: square, rectangle and circle
  • Shapes available: Circle, Square, Rectangle
  • Material: Tearable and non-tearable paper
  • Self adhesive high quality printed labels
  • Customization available with design and text
  • Minimum order quantity is 25 pieces
₹ 4.72 / unit
  • ₹ 118.00 for 25 units

Inclusive of all taxes
  • Base Price₹100.00
  • Government Taxes₹18.00(18%)
  • Total Price₹118.00
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

  • Free shipping on all orders

Custom Labels printing - Make your products standout with eye-catchy labels

Add professional branding to your products with high-quality labels printed online. It is the way to establish a brand presence where you can show your customers the care and attention you give to every product you sell in the market. In fact, these custom labels are more than just showing professionalism, it gives information to the customers about the brand and product. They come to know its manufacturing date, the ingredients that are used in preparing the product and direction for use . All this information is vital and that has to be provided with every product's label to educate and inform customers. For a proper branding of your merchandise, this is a key aspect which can be fulfilled with high quality custom labels printing.

With ARC Print, creating custom labels for your own brand is the easiest and cost-effective way. No need to bear the hassle of wandering from one store to another to find the right place to get your labels done as per your requirement. Upload your design from your device, add your company name and logo to it along with other info about the product and get your labels printed digitally. Here you will customize sizing options as per the shapes of the labels. Make sure the design you choose to be printed on your labels should be clear, precise and easy to understand.

Labels printing - your brand’s silent ambassador

Branding is the prime requirement for every business. If you don’t highlight your business to the target audience, you won’t get potential leads. So, when you do branding the right way, customers will remind you of your brand presence whenever there is a need for any product. Label printing for branding purposes need to be in different shapes and sizes as per the type of the product. Any type of product needs a cover for grabbing the attention of customers. The more you put focus on its labeling and packaging, the more it will get attention. At ARC Print, we provide custom labels printing for almost all types of industries.

Each of the labels are printed, evolving the high quality digital printing technology. They come with self adhesive features that can easily be applied and removed effortlessly. Just peel it and paste it on any flat surface and give a professional look to your business. Additionally, you can add your company name and logo to it to highlight your brand to the masses. Any design you can choose to upload from your device and get it printed on your customized labels in just a few clicks. However, if you don’t have your design ready or need any assistance from our end for customizing the look of your labels, you can check out our pre-designed template gallery online and select any template of your choice that resonates with your business. You can customize every label as per your product specification.

Why Choose ARC Print for custom labels printing?

Utmost precision for custom labels printing

  • ● ARC Print, we evolve the state-of-the-art printing technology for custom labels printing which ensures that every detail in the label is printed with utmost precision and accuracy. From intricate design detailing to vibrant colors, we bring vision to life.

Easy customization options

  • ● Every brand is unique and so are their requirements. Here at ARC Print, we provide easy customization options that help customers to design labels as per the product types and nature of business. From choosing size options to material, you will get the flexibility to make your choice as per your need.

Fast turnaround time

  • ● We understand that time plays a crucial role in every business. ARC Print is committed to provide on-time delivery service to customers without compromising on quality. No matter what the order value is, we take every assignment seriously and give our best efforts to deliver top-notch packaging labels within a stipulated time frame.

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