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Canvas wall art – transform a simple wall into a gallery of arts

Nothing can give more satisfaction than witnessing the transformation of your empty walls into a captivating landscape with canvas wall art. It has pushed the boundaries of home décor by surpassing the trend of painting. Your home is your canvas, and you can turn each wall into a masterpiece of décor with framed canvas art. No matter what your preference is, these wall arts are perfect pieces of décor for both home and office. It can bring a magical transformation to your room and make it look like a personal sanctuary.

At ARC Print India, you can find an exotic range of canvas wall art under different categories. From tropical-inspired canvas art to boho, each piece of canvas art is meticulously crafted with utmost precision to detail. Our versatile range of canvas arts beautifully aligns with any room décor and reflects a cohesive finish that grabs everyone’s attention.

Buy premium quality canvas wall painting from ARC Print India

Renovate your boring empty walls into breathtaking landscapes with our most exclusive collection of canvas wall painting. All our artworks are digitally printed evolving the most advanced form of UV gel plotter-based technology that produces scratch proof and waterproof canvas art, adoring your home décor for a timeless period of time. Whether it is your living room, bedroom, kids’ room, or workplace, our artworks blend beautifully with any type of room décor, reflecting an elegant look to the rooms. Each artistic piece features florals, intricate patterns, and various other designs inspired by nature, modern arts, abstract arts, etc.

If you are fond of traditional artworks and wish to give a classic touch to your space, choose from our vintage, shabby chic, or boho wall art collection. With fascinating finishes and intrepid compositions, the framed canvas wall arts are the most premium line of products available at ARC Print India. Each of our wall art depicts a unique story. With variable sizing options, find a wide assortment of canvas art at ARC Print.

Large Canvas wall art – a beautiful addition to any space

Whenever we think of renovating our home with a fresh new décor, we concentrate on replacing old furniture with new ones. We overlook the most important part of any room, i.e. walls. But your walls are your canvasses that you can décor with your choice of art, taste, and style. Let’s take a look at how you can transform your room with our versatile piece of large canvas wall art.

Dining room

The dining space is the area where we enjoy gala dinners with our family and friends. Here the conversations mainly concentrate on food. If you would like to set the right mood for enjoying a fantastic and relaxing family meal, choose canvas arts from our food and drinks category. These artworks will enhance the aesthetics of your dining space.

Living room

The living room is the center place of any home. This is the place where we indulge in fun and thoughtful discussions. Therefore, the decoration of this place deserves to be more unique and creative. While searching through ARC Print’s gallery of canvas arts, you will get endless options that may further make you confused. To start with, you have to first decide the type of décor you are in. It may be abstract, boho, classic, retro, or contemporary. Upon your choice, your home will reflect your personality and style.


To feel rejuvenated and relaxed every morning, spruce up your bedroom décor with nature-inspired framed canvas wall art. The bedroom is the place where you can create a personal zone for yourself by decorating with your choice of artwork. Imagine you wake up to a morning with a vibrant print of traditional dancers and musicians adorning your bedroom décor in the most beautiful way.

Office space

Every professional wants to keep their office décor simple, elegant, and productive. At ARC Print, you will get a wide assortment of simple designed inspired canvas art that you can give our workplace a fresh new elegant look. Our large canvas art represents a harmonious blend of creativity and professionalism, elevating the décor of any workplace.

Canvas wall painting - a unique timeless present to cherish forever

Large canvas wall arts make an excellent choice for thoughtful gifting on all occasions. Be it birthday, wedding, anniversary or any other occasion, they make the perfect gift for the art lovers. In today’s age, the concept of the return gift in any occasion is getting a huge hype. Choosing canvas wall painting as a return gift makes a thoughtful expression of both style and sentiment that can transform the look of any space into a personal sanctuary. Whether it is about celebrating milestones, a special moment or adding a touch of sophistication to a gift, these canvas arts are the most unique presents that anyone can ever have.

Five important things to know for selecting canvas wall painting matching with your décor

1. Color code

An important aspect to consider while selecting a canvas wall art is to make sure that it goes with the color scheme of your room. You can’t choose anything that will look like a sore thumb and ruin the aesthetics of your room. Therefore, for choosing canvas art, always consider the color code of your room.

2. Quality of the canvas

Always make sure that the canvas art you choose should be of great quality. At ARC Print, our digitally printed framed canvas wall art is digitally printed and does not fade away with time. Moreover, they need no or low maintenance to endure their beauty for a prolonged time. Our printing quality is sharp, clear, and vibrant.

3. Size of the canvas

Once you are done with the selection of the canvas wall art, your next important step is to select the right size. Here at our online platform, we offer different sizing options to our customers that give them the flexibility to print the canvas art as per their requirements. If you need a large canvas wall art, you can select the largest size from our given options and transform your wall into a captivating landscape.

4. Where you are going to place the canvas art

If you would like to create a cohesive look in your living room with wall art, choose a piece that is both calming and relaxing. On the other hand, if it is for the bedroom, you must go for nature or love-inspired canvas art. Always remember one thing, purposeful canvas art is an excellent conversation starter. Your home is your canvas and so, your canvas wall painting must reflect your style, taste, and preference.

5. Maintenance

Digitally printed canvas art is easy to maintain. Just wipe off the dust with a soft dry cloth. If your home is placed in a high-traffic area, you may have to wipe it off more frequently.

Top 5 canvas wall arts that you can buy to elevate your home decor

Renovating a space goes beyond just mere furnishing. If you want to create a fresh ambience in your living space, you have to create a visual symphony that reflects both your style and personality and one exquisite way to achieve this is to adorn your living space with canvas wall arts. Here you will find top 5 canvas wall arts for creating a captivating landscape within your living space.

African woman gold abstraction

Adorn your living room decor with rich African culture that reflects its beauty through African woman gold abstraction canvas wall art. This artwork captures the true essence of grace and merges it beautifully with contemporary aesthetics to create a timeless allure. Once you install it on your living room wall, it will become a stunning focal point, grabbing everyone’s attention.

City by the river

This is an exclusive piece of landscape canvas wall art that brings urban serenity to any space. It creates a beautiful backdrop infusing dynamic energy, modernity and tranquility. No matter whether it is your home or office, this city by the river canvas wall art gives a new dimension to your room decor.

Gustav Klimt woman

Elevate your room decor with the most enchanting Gustav Klimt woman canvas wall art. This is an excellent piece of art developed by one of the famous artists Gustav Klimt. This captivating piece captures the true essence of femininity through golden hues and intricate patterns.

Basil in the kitchen

If you are looking for ways to give an all new look to your dining space, basil in the kitchen can be a fantastic canvas wall art to transform your dining space into a culinary haven. It effortlessly combines the vibrant color of fresh basil with the allure of the kitchen space, creating a visual symphony for the food lover.

Pegasus Horse Abstract

Elevating a room requires deep thinking. If you are a mythical person by nature, then Pegasus horse abstract framed canvas wall art is the most captivating piece of decor, blending ethereal beauty with abstract elements.

Therefore, if you would like to revamp your home décor in the most cost-effective and hassle-free way, your search ends at ARC Print’s canvas wall arts - a perfect blend of sophistication and elegance.

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